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Oil of Pove: an excellence in the Grappa territory

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The area of Bassano del Grappa is not only famous for its distillates or white asparagus, but also for a fine olive oil: the one from Pove.

Pove is located at the foot of Monte Grappa, in an area characterized by a special climate, mild and ventilated. These characteristics, which contribute to the scarce humidity of the area, gave life to what is called “Conca degli Ulivi” or “Olive Basin” in English. A territory so unique that it holds the record of the northernmost area in the world where the olive tree grows spontaneously.

History of the Pove olive tree

Olive trees in the area of Pove and Grappa are spoken for the first time in the Ezzeliniano Codex. In the historical document dated 1131, there is a reference to the donation to the monastery of Campese of a “piece of land with olive trees” along the Brenta.

Here, thanks to the wind that blows continuously, drying the air and avoiding frost, the olive trees resist even when the temperature drops below zero.
The olive tree of Pove is in fact able to survive the winter without difficulty, just because it is located in this lucky area.

The production of oil experienced an important boost in the years following the Great War, when a series of promulgated laws encouraged olive cultivation. When farmers were forced to gradually abandon tobacco cultivation, many rethought their plots by creating olive groves. Even today, first as a habit and then as a tradition, in the gardens of Pove it is not strange to find ornamental olive trees.

Characteristics of Pove Oil

Pove oil has a delicate but unmistakable taste, and is appreciated for its lightness. If you want to taste it, maybe on a slice of freshly baked bread, you can attend the famous “Olive Market Fair” held every year in Pove del Grappa in spring, in the days before Easter, or take part in the experience we are organizing for our guests, in collaboration with Tenuta Gentile “Oro de Poe. It will be a unique and special opportunity to get to know the Pove Oil, its landscapes and get in touch with the nature of the Valbrenta.


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