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Bassano del Grappa is a city of art and history. The streets, squares, walls, palazzi, and towers evoke the atmosphere of yesterday and will take you on an exciting journey through the ages.
The city cherishes the works of art that tell of its beauties, bringing them back to life more than ever: through the paintings of Jacopo Da Ponte, Tiepolo, Giorgione and Veronese, the sculptures of Antonio Canova, the architecture of Andrea Palladio, and the copper plate engravings of the Remondini family.

The craftsmanship in the area, which is still crucial to the city, is likewise steeped in a tradition that has been preserved until this day: artistic ceramics, the manufacture of items using precious metals, wood for furniture, and leather.

This is the home of real grappa, made with poor ingredients according to a simple, genuine rural tradition that has made it world famous, while the excellent local wines are the perfect accompaniment to the exquisite products of our land, such as our white asparagus PDO, peas from Borso del Grappa, TGI cherries from Marostica, and also our radicchio, mushrooms, and truffles.

Around Bassano, centuries-old roads lead into the countryside and hills, where villages, castles, villas, and stately, historical palazzi lie ensconced in the peaceful, gentle landscape — Asolo (considered one of the most beautiful villages of Italy), Castelfranco Veneto (the birthplace of Giorgione), Cittadella (with its splendid, perfectly preserved city walls), Possagno (the birthplace of Antonio Canova), and Maser (with its Villa Barbaro, one of Palladio’s masterpieces and a UNESCO world heritage site) are only a few of the region’s marvels.

The massif of Monte Grappa, the theatre of dramatic events in World War I, towers skyward to form a majestic backdrop. Today it is very popular with nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, especially paragliders and hang gliders.

Further north, the Brenta river gently moulds the landscape, creating fairy-tale caves and views so breath-taking that you will be tempted to go cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, trekking, and rafting, or simply to go for a leisurely walk.

The heart of the Veneto region is an exciting kaleidoscope of attractions thanks to its art, traditions, and historical sites. The fine food, craftsmanship, natural beauties, and outdoor sporting opportunities will enrich your stay with sensations you are not likely to forget!